‘Feminine Sexuality’ by Jacques Lacan PART I

“The psychoanalytical concept of sexuality confronts head-on all popular conceptions.  It can never be equated with genitality nor is it the simple expression of a biological drive.  It is always psychosexual , a system of conscious and unconscious human fantasies involving a range of excitations and activities that produce pleasure beyond the satisfaction of any basic psychological need” pp 2. 


Sacred Floppies

Hey Google, are floppy drives obsolete?

“Obsolete? Without a doubt.
Speaking of sheer size alone, we’re talking about a storage solution capable of only 1.44MB of storage data with a footprint of about 3″ X 3″. In comparison, on a daily basis, I walk around with a USB-Storage device with a capacity of 1TB (about 600,000x larger) that has a physical footprint of 2″ x 0.25″X.25″. Let’s stop and take a second to think about 1.44MB of data. In today’s world, that’s MAYBE a single image assuming it’s not high resolution, a couple word or pdf documents. You couldn’t even fit your average full song on a floppy disk. Everyday files you open and utilize day in and day out would fill a floppy with very little problem.

And let’s not forget transfer speeds. USB devices read/write significantly faster than a floppy disk/drive. Speaking in terms of price, well even if the 1.44MB floppy disk was a single penny per unit, you’d be saving tremendously more money with my keychain sized USB-device.

And let’s not forget that we’re seeing more and more computers lacking the 3–1/2″ Floppy Drive, in fact we’re ever seeing fewer computers with CD/DVD drives, and instead we’re seeing USB-style ports becoming the norm. In fact, for the longest floppies were used to assist with the boot process to fix some computer issues. Now a days those files are stored on USB-devices.

Floppies were cool for the time period, but now they are very out-dated and obsolete. In fact, right now, I’m only using floppies because there’s an old factory machine in my shop that received updates via floppy disk. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have any floppies or floppy drives anywhere near me.

The days of floppy drives and disks are over; DVDs and CDs will very well likely be next.” – Buster Smith, 15yrs computer experience Answered Sep 23, 2016  https://www.quora.com

Religion or plastic, brah?

pres•er•va•tion (ˌprɛz ərˈveɪ ʃən)


1. To keep or maintain intact: tried to preserve family harmony.                                                      2. To prevent (organic bodies) from decaying or spoiling.                                                                3. To protect (wildlife or natural resources) in a designated area, often for regulated hunting or fishing.(Thefreedictionary.com/preservation)

Hist. In the first millennium of Christianity, the dominant preservation practices revolved around, seemingly, one’s soul, cultivated through a pious and virtuous lifestyle.  Any literature from the pre-schism church fathers will prove this point.  Flash forward to the 21st century, preservation revolves around health, food and resources, legacy and finances.  The dominance of self help books and the pharmaceutical campaign will prove this point  The person who used to rely on God’s grace to endure the hardships of mortality can now rely on enduring and limitless power of synthetics.

David’s Rose

Few interesting notes from this sketch:

  1. I consider the first layer of paint a drawing and not a painting (because the paint is so thin).
  2. After I rushed in with the thick paint application, I considered this rushing in with thick paint as ‘unifying the painting’.
  3. During the rush of paint, the figure of the woman transformed from lovely to grotesque, though this was not my initial intent while composing the reference material for the painting.


I am having a hard time with my work, due to the fact that good art is not didactic.  The Christian in me is instilled with the notion that a noble life will engender a kind of sweet contrition, permeating eternity, but taking a lifetime to acquire.  The art world will tell me to persevere in ambiguity and after a lifetime the narrative of my work will become apparent, a narrative which may have very little sweetness indeed.  How must I choose?  Do I go with intuition or discernment, and why do they so spitefully swap roles?  I think about displaying shit, and making it beautiful.  Perhaps expressing maternal violence, erotic celibacy, and the body run amuck.  The art world has inspired me to express a world where nothing works, all nobility becomes pseudo and idealization can only reside with the transient physicality of my chosen media.

And this is the point, if I do not approach my work with some didactic form, I most literally feel and believe I am wasting my time and energy.  A specious cynic at best, after the concubine of art history immortality…a fool’s errand for sure.  And what am I to make of myself as the Christian? I am shit.  Humility is the chief virtue of the Christian and through this humble disposition I may be crowned with gold, or made beautiful.  It appears, after all, though I am back at the beginning, the art world understands God more than I ever have.


Oil on paper


Martyrdom of St Philip
Oil on canvas
234 x 234 cm
RIBERA, Jusepe de

The Real

I’m reading a fair amount of Lacan and Kristeva.  It appears that the real is with us at birth, and through the introduction of language, a veneer of reality called the symbolic takes precedence, presenting a kind of physiological Pandora’s box of repression and pathology.  And who instills us with all these complexies?  Our mothers!